HLS streaming URL's

Hi All,

I am creating a little digital signage mashup for our office reception desk that I want to embed a live tv feeds from the Tablo. I can get to the stream with a url and this works fine as long as I start watching the channel on Tablo app first. Once it’s started in the app I can stream the file (using hls.js) and show on the sign. I went and got all the urls for the channels I am interesting, the URL seems to be consistent for that channel, however, if don’t start watching the channel first in the tablo app, it won’t stream on that url, just a timeout.

The Tablo app must be doing something to have one of the tuners start recording and streaming on that url. But I just don’t see the magic happening in dev tools. Ideally, I don’t want to have to start the channel streaming in a “Tablo” app. Anyone know how to do this?

This feed works, if I first go to the channel in the webapp, then stream from other players.


Thanks in advance,