Hisense Vidaa OS - Any Tablo app?

Looks like I may have made a bad TV Choice…

I purchased a Hisense TV that is running their proprietary VIDAA OS.

It looks nice, but when I go to their apps store, no Table app.

I’m fairly technical… is there any way to get Tablo on VIDAA?


The best alternative is to connect a compatible streaming device to your television:

IMHO, Smart TV OS’s are all poop. Even if you disagree “today”, there will come a day when you will agree with me (just a matter of time).


I have to agree with you. The hardware in TV’s & Phones (Android, Google, etc.) is not capable of supporting the writing decent software like can be done on real computer hardware.

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I agree with both of you. The TV’s built-in OS is never powerful enough to last very long. Despite being my go-to for quick tasks and less-powerful apps, STBs allow you the ability to change out systems without the need to buy a new TV. And finding a system you like lets you buy the TV you want without the worry of which terrible OS is lurking beneath the surface.

As for my LG TV, even with the release of the webOS TabloTV version, I’ll continue to use an external STB. They just don’t compare!

I had a Sony Bravia 4K TV with Android in it. What POS for $,2300.
The Google apps (that you couldn’t disable, and didn’t use) kept crashing and had a pop-up with the message about it.
Also, unrelated to the apps, it had purple halos around action scenes.
Sony’s response: “It is within normal parameters”.
To add insult to injury, it cost me $20 for the dump to take it after it died completely after 2 years.
Was always a Sony fan, but no more…

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