Higher Recording Quality Possible?

I have my Tablo’s Recording Quality set to 1080.  A few days ago I happened to record a Jeopardy episode for my wife.  The channel is broadcast in 1080, and generally the picture quality is quite good.  However, Jeopardy sometimes uses a method to reveal the clues where the the clue is “zoomed” from a small square to eventually fill the screen.  When this occurs there is a distinct jumpiness or notch-iness (not quite sure how else to explain it) that is very annoying.  This does not happen when watching OTA.  My video quality is already at 1080, but is there any capability in the Tablo to further increase the video quality?  If so, a higher quality option would be welcome.  I understand that this would require increased network bandwidth and more space on the hard drive to store the show, but this is a tradeoff I would gladly accept.