Hey @TabloSupport - Mini-guide Inconsistency

I have Legacy Quad 1TB OTA device. Using Legacy app.
I use the Previous Channel feature on occasion (mostly when two football games are on).

When you press the up or down arrow, a mini-guide pops up.
You can scroll up or down to another channel and press the OK button to watch it…
To go to previous channel now, you simply press up arrow, then left arrow and you’re back at previous channel.
I’m sure most of you knew that, but thought I’d post it just in case.

Now for the inconsistency.
Sometimes I want to just hit the up arrow to see time and then go back to what I was watching.

I will use channels 4 and 13 for example.
Assume I had used the previous channel feature prior between 4 and 13:
If I am watching 13 and just want to see the time, I press the up arrow, look at the time, and then press OK and it goes back to 13.
After pressing the up arrow, channel 13 is the top line and selected.

Now if I am watching channel 4 and want to check the time.
Pressing the up arrow will show channel 13 on top line and highlighted.
Pressing OK now would take me to channel 13 instead of back to 4.
Whatever channel I am watching should be the highlighted channel so I can easily go back to it.

Don’t know if you want to call this a bug or feature request, but it is bit annoying.