Herky Jerky Loop on One Channel - Solved

One channel is acting up for me. It runs about a 10 second loop that is jerky and pixelated. All was fine with all channels until today. I have very good reception and the same channel looks fine when run directly into my TV with only a paper clip antenna. I have the 4 tuner model.

I fixed by simply turning my antenna amplifier off and on.

Interesting - entirely possible the amplifier was introducing too much noise on said channel. But if you can pick up said channel with a paper clip it sounds like the transmitting tower is very close for said channel. When the tower is that close you do not need an amplifier. You could try a unamplified antenna.

  1. Is this amplifier an add-on to your setup? Or did it come as an amplified antenna?
  2. What is the make and model of the antenna and amplifier?

I’m glad you got it working.

Since you appear to be have a strong enough signal without it, I might suggest you remove your amp. At least check it out very well. One failure mode of these preamps is that it can induce a DC-Bias voltage downstream (towards the Tablo). If the amp is “feeding” voltage in to the Tablo’s antenna port (or ground) then I would expect unpredictable behavior.

Thanks for the advice. I just unhooked the amp completely and am running straight from the antenna to the Tablo and it is working fine.

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