Here's my Tablo rant

Setting at my office desk today and it’s a bit slow. Clicked on my PLEX link on my computer and up pops my PLEX server at home. Skimming through a few recent TV shows that automatically present themselves on my PLEX server, I see a series I’ve watched a few episodes on already. Click it and the shows is up and running in a few seconds. I stopped to check my email (I am at work you know) about half through the episode. No commercial interruptions for a break, so just paused it. No emails of consequence, so did a quick look here on the Tablo Forum and seen a rant. Read a bit, but not in the reading mood, so figured I might as well do a rant.

I guess I am almost rant out, but just wanted to mention even though my Tablo isn’t perfect, it does a decent job of recording what I have told it to (most of the time) and I have Tablo RIpper doing a fine job and MCEBuddy do a fine job. So all I have to do is decide what to watch and when to watch. It tough out here in the real world, but my Tablo helps me get through the day.

Well, that’s about it I guess…

Hey wait a minute, wasn’t Super Girl on last night? OK, I think I’ll leave you fellow tablo’ers and go watch the rest of my show and maybe seek in the latest Super Girl while I’m at it.

PS - I am one of the owners here, so don’t start thinking I’m cheating on the boss or something bad like that.

End Rant.



Pssst… you are cheating on the boss.
He just happens to be you. :wink:

Yeah, I fired myself some 12 years ago or so. But the workload was getting so heavy I had to hire myself back. Workload is getting light again, maybe I should fire myself again.


Hey, that’s more like faint praise than rant. You must be Canadian if that’s the worst you can do.

Not Canadian, but I have to believe all people fall into one of two groups – Mostly good or mostly bad. The mostly bad group will always trip you up in almost all they do or say. When they do, they will usually at least smirk at you. Very seldom will you find a mostly bad person helping out voluntarily. If you do find one doing this, they have something to be gained from the helps they offer. Now the mostly good person will often be in the background doing something or other, trying hard to help and also enjoying doing it. They often have more friends then enemies and seem to just “get along”. They give for the joy of giving and take only what they need. If you stumble in life, they are the ones that try their best to pick you up. Though they can complain, their life isn’t lived complaining, more looking for ways to lift themselves out of what there is to complain about, and sometimes dragging others along who may be kicking and screaming the whole time they are being helped.

If being a Canadian means I get to be in the “good person” group, then all I gotta say is “Eh, could be worse”.



I love it when the “good person” calls himself a “good person” and then goes on to mock the person who is actually having problems. Good job, good person! :thumbsup:

Ah, you misread my friend. The two groups I said I believe everyone falls into are “mostly good or mostly bad”. There are no “good” people that I have ever met, just mostly good. Even the worse of the mostly bad, had something good going on I’d have to believe, some place inside them. Maybe you just seen a part of me that you view as bad, so I can still be mostly good perhaps, maybe if I try really hard.

And another thing to keep in mind is some of us tend to joke a bit with people. Some jokes are better then others.


My bad, it’s hard to interpret humor vs. what one really thinks by just reading one post on a forum.

See, proves my belief again. Even the very good can have a bit of “bad” come out every once in awhile.


PS - Just joking.

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We are all multi faceted creatures guided by our genes and our social environment.

Reading the comments posted here although limited in scope still serve as an example of how differently we react as individuals under similar circumstances. Hang tight - stay loose.

Well I was just doing a bit of testing to see if there was a way to play my 3D titles through Roku. Apparently there isn’t, so I will continue to use my Samsung BD player to do this. But, I also clicked on the Tablo channel while in Roku and to my amazement, tablo is now performing flawlessly! Not only that but the interface is new and very much faster in all respects. Now how am I going to continue this rant with these kinds of things going on. I might have to focus this rant on no 5.1 and remote linking issues with my office PC. If this keeps up, my rants are going to get smaller and smaller, then no one will even bother to read them before long.

Scheech, talk about messing up a good rant!