Help with using Winegard's SensarPro

I started playing around with Winegard’s Sensarpro to Scan channels.

I see quite a few UHF “Real Channels” show up with pretty strong signal strengths.

Trouble is I can’t match these to the Virtual Channels (the actual channel numbers published by the stations).

I can match my four local major network channels using TV Fool and

Do the subchannels of example 4-1 4-2, 4-3, 4-4 etc follow a pattern ?

If my Main local ABC channel 4-1 has a Real Channel number of 51 (which in my case it does), would the subchannels follow suit ?.. 4-2 would be 52, 4-3 would be 53 etc. If yes, problem is a “Real Channel” 50 shows up with a very high signal strength.

Also the Sensarpro has a built in adjustable gain app. Wondering if this gain can be assigned to individual channels or just all of them.

Going to email Winegard, thought someone here might know.


Found an Android App which helps solves my problem.

Great app. “TV Antenna Helper Free”

Lists the Virtual Channels found along with the Real Channel numbers.

I still have some channels not listed, but probably have enough info now to match the unknowns by elimination.


Subchannels are all riding on one carrier signal. So your ‘real channel’ UHF 51 is carrying the program content for 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, etc. For network broadcasters, the -1 is their main channel which typically has higher resolution- 1080i/720p and secondary channels (-2, -3) are often 480i.
On antennaweb if you click a channel in their listing (it shows an RF channel and a .1 virtual channel) a window will pop up showing you all of the sub-channel assignments carried there- -1, -2, etc.

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Great - I’ll do that.

Thanks for the reply.


Here are all the channels Tablo finds in Phoenix. All 5 green dots. 73 in total, but I only use 25 in the epg.

Phx Channels 1/28/16 on Tablo

3-1 KTVK-HD 1080i
3-2 AZNEWS 480i
3-3 WEATHER 480i
5-1 CBS 1080i
5-2 COZITV 480i
7-1 KAZT 720p
7-2 METVN 480i
7-3 HSN 480i
8-1 PBS 720p
8-2 PBS 480I
8-3 PBS 480I
8-4 PB 480I
10-1 FOX 720p
10-2 FOX 480I
10-3 HEROICN 480i
12-1 NBC 1080i
12-2 WEATHER 480i
12-3 JUSTNW 480i
15-1 ABC 720p
15-2 ANTENNA 480i
15-3 LAFFE 480i
21-1 TBN 480i
21-2 CHURCH 480i
21-3 JUCE 480i
21-4 TBN 480i
21-5 SMCHILD 480i
22-1 GOODNWS 480i
22-2 GNTVLAT 480i
22-3 SONLIFE 480i
22-4 LIQUID 480i
22-5 ALMA 480i
22-6 JTV 480i
33-1 UNI 1080i
33-2 UNIMAS 1080i
33-3 GRIT 480i
33-4 BOUNCE 480i
35-1 UNIMAS 1080i
35-2 UNI 1080i
35-3 GETTV 480i
35-4 ESCAPE 480i
38-1 RITMOVZ 480i
38-2 TUFFTV 480i
38-3 IZVIDEO 480i
38-4 ZUUSC 480i
38-5 THIS 480i
39-1 TELE 1080i
39-2 TLEX 480i
39-3 COZITV 480i
40-1 MMAX 720p
40-2 MMAX 480i
41-1 AZTECAE 720p
41-2 MISION 480i
41-3 LATV 480i
41-4 QVC 480i
42-1 ESTRLLA 720p
44-1 KPHETV 480i
44-2 RETROTV 480i
44-3 DRTV 480i
44-4 LGTV 480i
44-5 SALUD 480i
44-6 SMARTAZ 720p
45-1 MNT 720p
45-2 FOX 480i
45-3 MVIES 480i
48-1 DYSTR 1080i
48-2 KDPH 480i
51-1 ION 720p
51-2 QUBO 480i
51-3 IONLIFE 480i
51-4 SHOP 480i
58-1 KDTP 480i
61-1 CW 1080i
61-2 DECADES 720p



That worked, found all the subchannels.

But each subchannel would have it’s own Real RF Channel wouldn’t it ?

They are not listed there.


No, all of the sub-channels are multiplexed together on one RF channel. In a gross analogy, it’s a bit like an FM radio station having left and right audio channels carried on that station’s single carrier. For HDTV, the -1, -2, -3, etc. signals are taking up some of the ‘data capacity’ of the broadcast signal characterized as an RF channel. For sodaman_2000’s Phoenix listing above, RF channel 17 is carrying KPHO CBS 5.1 and Cozi TV 5.2.

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Got it