Help with Tablo set up

I am trying to set up my Tablo and Winegard FlatWave antenna. The set up appeared to work, but the TV doesn’t pick up any channels. It’s a Vizio Smart TV, I switched the input to TV and ran the scan. Zero channels were found. I connected the antenna directly to the TV and can pick up local channels. Clearly I did something wrong with the Tablo set up. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Stupid question but you are splitting the signal from the antenna so you can run a cable to the Tablo and the TV, right?

If the Tablo sees the channels during a scan you should be good to go with it.

How are you browsing the Tablo? Roku, Amazon Firestick, etc…

I guess also include a general description of how you have things setup and how your using the Tablo unit.

I’ve connected the antenna directly the to Tablo and am connected to the internet using wi-fi. Browsing the Tablo through my laptop…or so I think. I thought once the set up was complete, the Tablo would stream to the TV. I feel dumb as a box of rocks…

You will need a way for the TV to access the Tablo unit. Either via a Roku or Amazon device (there are others).

What I would do is split the antenna so you have an antenna feed to both the Tablo and the TV. This will let you watch live TV on the TV directly and use the Tablo as an OTA DVR (which is what it does best) then use a streaming device to access recorded content off the Tablo.

I recommend Roku or Nexus Player

Only SOME smart tvs have a Tablo app. @TabloTV will you please list which ones

According to I should be able to watch with Apple TV using AirPlay. I have Apple TV, but it’s a few years old. Maybe I need to get the latest and greatest version. Another potentially dumb question. I don’t have a hard drive yet. I’ve ordered one and it will be delivered on Tuesday. I know I need a hard drive to record shows, but do you know if I also need one to watch live TV. That may be the problem. The online setup guide says the following -

A USB Hard Drive is required to watch live TV and to record programs. If you have not yet connected a USB Hard Drive, you will be reminded to connect one now. If you have a USB Hard Drive, connect it by plugging it into one of the available USB ports. You will then be prompted to format the drive.

Yes, the unit will not work without a Harddrive installed and configured.

re: AppleTV
You should probably specify which generation Apple TV given your comment
1st Gen: Mar 2007 2nd Gen: Sep 2010 3rd Gen: Mar 2012 4th Gen: Sep 2015

Also, which Vizio? the availability of apps changes wildly depending on model, year, etc…

(for Tablo, no hard drive attached = nothing works…)

I can tell you that ATV 3rd and 4th gen work fine. Don’t know about 1 & 2, but suspect that they will work also.

A Tablo without a hard drive can still be set up, and you can watch TV on a single tuner.

You can’t record anything or use multiple tuners.