Help with "loading, please wait..."

I’ve been using my tablo for 6 months with never any issues. Now I’m getting the Loading, Please wait… message regularly. It loads for anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds. This happens during recorded playback and also during live TV.

The tablo has a wired connection to the router. And then a wireless connection between the router and the Roku. It is happening with both Rokus. It started happening on both Rokus at the same time.

Any help resolving would be great. I’ve restarted the router and Roku already.


Note, I have updated to 2.2.6. Seems like when this started.

What router do you have?

Mine is doing same thing. Keeps showing same 10 secs or so of show over and over.

I have a Netgear WNDR4500 dual band. Roku is connected to the 5GHz. Again, it’s worked beautifully since I got the Tablo last spring. This issue is new since the v2.2.6 release.

Many people started having the LPW issue with the latest firmware. Until they fix it, you can reduce the occurrence of it by lowering your recording level. For me the 5Mbps setting reduces it to minor annoyance level. Ultimately either Tablo or Roku will need to fix it.

Thanks. I’ll give that a shot. Is this issue known by Tablo? Have they addressed it at all?

I have not seen anything from them other than looking into the individual reports, but there are several people reporting it. I would suggest opening a support ticket. Seeing more of these might help them get the info needed to resolve this.

Hey folks - We are actively working on this issue. You can see an update from our CEO here: A Message from the CEO of Nuvyyo