Help w/ Port Forwarding

I just got my Tablo, and want to setup the port forwarding. Can someone walk me through the steps w/ a Nighthawk X6 R8000?

Google works-

It should pretty much be automatic. I just got a Nighthawk X6 R7900, and Tablo autoconfigured the router for me.

On the Tablo setup page, go to the Tablo Connect section and uncheck the Remote Access box, and then check it again. That should fix it for you.

If not, Go to the router’s Advanced Settings page, and select UPnp, and make sure to select Turn UPnP on. Then go back to Tablo’s setting page and uncheck and recheck the remote access box again.

It’s also preferable to use the Address Reservation feature of he router to provide Tablo with a fixed LAN IP address.

If fo some reason Tablo won’t autoconfigure the router with UPnP, you will have to manually do that under Port Forwarding/Port Triggering on the Advanced Settings section.Select Port Forwarding, and choose TCP as the Service Type. Put in the IP address you previously reserved for Tablo in the Server IP Address box. You’ll need to add 2 forwarding ports.

Protocol Int. Port Ext. Port
TCP 80 21030
TCP 8887 21031

That should do it for you.

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I actually have my Nighthawk behind the ATT gateway. Can that be causing the problem?

It’s possible… I’m not familiar with that particular gateway, so I can say for sure. Do you have the make/model of the gateway?

Do you have your ATT gateway in bridge mode? If not, that’s your problem.

What specifically is the problem? Are you getting an error message? As @lkahhan stated, what’s the make/model of the AT&T gateway. It may need to change to bridge mode. Some you can do on your own. Others you have to get you ISP support involved. With more details we may be able to help you if you haven’t already figured it out.

And just to verify, are you trying to set this up for Tablo Connect? If so, are you on the 30 day trial or have a guide subscription? If neither is the case, Tablo Connect won’t work even if the port forwarding is set up properly.

So basically, more details needed. Can come up with all kinds of possibilities and solutions at this point.

You would basically have to do port forwarding twice, if the ATT modem/router is not in bridge mode.

I called my provider, they were basically clueless.

I’ve found a website and they helped me with port forwarding for my cameras, it was cheap.

They might be able to help, idk.