HELP! Tablo Internet connection issues

I have an original 4-tuner Tablo that is having Internet connection issues. I have had said Tablo since February of 2016. About a month ago The ethernet plug Receptacle died. So I was limping a log on WiFi until 5 days ago. At that point 1 of my 2 WiFi networks died. Switched out dead modem for new one. Now my (4)Tablo keeps disconnecting from that network. I can connect it to my other WiFi network and I can connect my other 2-Tuner Tablo to this one. Is it possible that I need to replace my 4-tuner Tablo? I would appreciate any suggestions or input from someone that has gone through this .
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First thing I would try is replacing the Tablo power adapter.
A flaky one will cause all sorts of weird issues.

I had to replace 2 out of 3 of my original power adapters since 2015.
Yes, I have 3 Tablos. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response. I did that and (4-tuner) still won’t stay connected to TMHI. It does however connect to my COX Panoramic WiFi (hasn’t disconnected yet) and I have no problem with my 2-tuner staying connected to TMHI or COX PW

I’ve had connection issues with various wireless devices in the past.

Root cause was the router’s wireless channel width (a.k.a channel bandwith) setting.
There’s one for each frequency.

A few of my older network devices has problems dealing with 2.4GHz frequency with a channel width of 40MHz.
All network device worked fine using 2.4GHz frequency with a channel width of 20MHz.

Higher channel width setting will grant better performance, but it also can cause problems with some network devices.


I ended up having to create a Dedicated 2.4 GHz network. Every time I would switch To 2.4 in the TMHI settings , it would switch back to 5GHz. After the 3rd TMHI Customerservice rep. I finally found one who walked me thru creating a secondary 2.4 GHz only network. (So now I have 2 on one device). So far it hasn’t dropped it yet. Thank you for your advice

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