Help -- Tablo Affecting My Happy Wife and Happy Life


Do you also have other things running in this cable run like your cable internet modem?


I suppose the easiest, quickest thing I can do is to bypass that splitter and see if that (+3.5 dB?) makes a significant difference to the Tablo. If the Tablo is working well, I don’t really care about that direct feed to the living room TV anyway.

This still begs the question of why it would work so well for many months last year and only start failing when the leaves started falling. The cable run was always that long and the splitter has always been there.


The Antronix amp shown is for CATV (cable systems) typically for use with cable modems. So is the Commscope splitter. These all seem to be equipment from a previous cable system. Did you buy these or were these sold to you by the antenna installer?

You cannot mix CATV and OTA signals.


No, when we moved in we had the cable company use the existing cable to provide us internet only. Then the antenna guy came and ran his own cable to connect the antenna to the living room (TV) and upstairs office (Tablo).


The Antronix amp shown is for CATV (cable systems) typically for use with cable modems. So is the Commscope splitter. These all seem to be equipment from a previous cable system. Did you buy these or were these sold to you by the antenna installer?

CATV signals can overlap with OTA and cause problems. The antenna installer made a mistake pure and simple. He should have known better!


Replace the amp with a proper OTA amp like the RCA one in my link.


These were all provided by the antenna installer, as was all the cable described above. The cable company is providing internet service using the pre-existing cables.


You cannot mix OTA with CATV - these signals overlap and cause problems. Get the right OTA equipment as theuser86 said.


So the type of amp matters even if it’s not mixing OTA and CATV signals?


Yes, it matters. The circuitry inside is different. Also get an OTA splitter. I wouldn’t mix Internet with OTA on the same coax.


That’s what I was trying to say above, but maybe not well enough since I’m pecking this on my phone. The internet is not on this cable. This cable, this amp, and this splitter are dedicated only to the OTA signal.


But it isn’t OTA equipment - it is CATV. Different circuitry. May work for awhile but also can run into problems. There are good $20 to $40 preamps for OTA. The amp you have is also a high noise amplifier. These days OTA preamps are a third of that noise factor.


Ok, thanks. That’s what I wanted to clarify… that this is a potential problem even without mixing the signals. I’ll start shopping for the recommended OTA versions.


Also this Antronix is 15 db which may be low for over a hundred feet of coax. Winegards and RCA preamps are 20 db and up. LNA-100, LNA-200 or TVPRAMP1Z.

An alternate configuration is a preamp at your first coax join and a distribution amp near the Tablo\TV such as the Channel Master 3412 or 3414 (with multiple ports out) instead of a splitter. The additional amplification can help the Tablo’s internal split (especially if you get the 4 tuner model)


I’ve ordered the TVPRAMP1Z because it looks like it’s powered the same way as the current amp, so it should slip right into place. Also got a cheap, well reviewed splitter. Thanks to both of you for the advice.


When you get the preamp, and if you don’t want to install it outside at the antenna, put it where the white cable from the antenna enters the basement and before the black cable rather than at the end of all the cables. At least this way you can test it inside without going outside. The 30 foot run from antenna to basement is not that bad - better than at the end of a 100 foot run. You’ll lose less db after 30 than after 100.

Make sure the setting at the bottom of the RCA preamp has FM filter ON and Common ON (UHF VHF combined).


A couple of other observations…
If you get a new preamp to replace that Antronix one, many of the new OTA preamps have LTE filtering built in. You may not need that LTE filter.
The white cable from the splitter to the Tablo… you sure that one’s RG-6? Maybe just the photo but it looks thinner than the black cables and has a different connector.
Follow the cables as they traverse your basement… are they running along side and electrical wiring? Crossing any? against any? Thought here is maybe it’s not the falling leaves that are significant, but rather your heat coming on if you have electric heat.
As to why it worked so long and is only now being a pain in the butt… you have a lot of connectors. Some are exposed to weather. Moisture getting into a connection can cause weirdness. Corrosion. A connector that was marginally installed (I’m guilty of that one myself… too much “hurry up, it’s cold!”).

Ideally… you run a cable from antenna to Tablo directly and see what you have. Eliminate everything in between along with all of the connectors. Is there any chance you could temporarily put the Tablo right there where the amp is? I’d try first feeding it directly from the antenna and see what channels it scans. If some are marginal then feed the amp and put the Tablo after it with a little short piece of cable.


Cannot see from the pictures, since your antenna is outside, did the installer ground the antenna?


The TVPRAMP1Z ordered doesn’t have an LTE filter.

One other connection most people never consider is the balun. I’ve had to replace them when the antenna is outdoors and not properly secured in a weather wrap.


The RCA preamp you ordered is not powered exactly the same way. The RCA uses a power inserter. Right now you are directly / separating powering the preamp with a distinct coaxial cable.

You should put the power inserter inside the house, likely after your first cable run, say the 30’ you were referring to.

Maybe draw a diagram where all the cables and connectors and splitters are? We can then help you remove parts that are not needed.

I still recommend putting the RCA preamp physically outside at the antenna.