Help -- Tablo Affecting My Happy Wife and Happy Life


Yes, usually that’s a good thing, but I long ago reached the point of finding the story too unbelievable to take serious anymore. I’ve wanted to put the book down for weeks now.


Yup, know how you feel. I had a channel that just went away for two years. Was strong and then one day just went away. Then after two years, without me doing anything came back. I talked with the station manager and other engineers, no luck. Then one day my wife says, “It’s back.”


Happened to me.
I just need to move my head to the right.


Is there a cheat sheet to tell me how to interpret the data? I’ve got it working, but I’m not sure what I’m looking for.

I bought the Extend add-on, but it looks like I have to wait for an activation code to come by email.



I would try the Hauppauge setup in plex and see if you have the same behavior. It’s in the computer already, try it…

I lost 6abc in Philly for about 9 months, magically started working again. Same as in previous post, one day there, gone, and back again. And I’ll did call the station, and they said all is fine…

Try plex and see what happens.

The d also try an hd homerun, easily returnable. Especially since the customer service folks probably know you by name by now!


Plex has been streaming via the Hauppauge tuner flawlessly for 30 minutes now.


Are you streaming one of the channels that has been buffering?

Did you try recording something and streaming at the same time?

What device are you watching on? The Roku, fire stick? Both at the same time? What happens us8ng the web browser on your computer to watch tv?

Just throwing different scenarios and hardware to try and see if it continues to work…


Every channel has problems. So, yes, I’ve watched 3 different channels over the past hour that have been problematic. So far, perfect. Though I had to step away for 5 minutes to take the trash out.

I’m currently watching on a Fire Stick over WiFi. I haven’t tried doing more than one thing because I think this computer running my Plex server is going to be the weak link. It’s probably close to 10 years old. I was surprised that it has worked well for streaming local media, but I’m not sure if we’ve ever had reason to try more than one stream at a time. I worry that doing too much will break it. I assume when my wife gets home she’ll try it out downstairs while I continue watching in the bedroom. I’ll know more in the morning.

My “Plan B” that I’ve been starting to research this week is to find a used box with a good CPU that would make a good host for the 4-tuner Hauppauge card. But I’d still prefer to have the Tablo working since an upgraded Plex server will be a bigger electric bill on top of the few hundred dollars it would cost to acquire it.


Plex Server specs:
Pentium Dual-Core E6500 2.93 GHz
Win7 64 Bit

I’m surprised the CPU usage is only bouncing between 15-20% while handling this live stream and running uTorrent.


That’s bad news :grinning: If WinExtend runs successfully, that will also be bad news. :smile:


Because that puts onus squarely on the Tablo - which we didn’t want to see! Imagine that - getting bad news because something runs successfully. That’s perverted! :roll_eyes:

Plex also uses HLS (same as Tablo and WinExtend). Is it Tablo + Linksys that’s the weak link? Another router brand? I think you may have to try another router - one that’s used here and recommended by forum members…


Are you a Windows guy only? If I had to I’d run Plex (or any server software) under Linux. Less hardware requirements…


Plex does take much to run tbh. As long as you direct your media, and know your hw limitations. Shoot I run mine on Mac mini from 2012, upgrade hd to an sad and upgraded the ram.

I direct play everything, very few problems. Yes 10 years ,d is a little long in the tooth. But plex does a decent job imo. Commercial removal works well too.

Not bashing Tablo, have one and I love it! I am utterly amazed at the time, money and trips to electronics departments you have made.

Maybe plex is the way to go for YOU. lots of options in upgrading your rig. Would be curious to know how it does serving 2 streams at once.


This, a lot les overhead…


Plus one less license fee.


With the hd homerun, you also have the option of their software, their dvr. And the channels app if you run iOS devices.

You can also setup docker containers on Linux I believe and that opens a whole new world.

Don’t get me wrong, every system has its warts. You just need to f8nd out what works best. So many things can cause a problem with OTA signals.

As @MarkKindle says, it could very well be your router at this point. Maybe try swapping that out. You have literally tried everything and swapped all but your router I believe.

This thread is historic at this point and I’m not going back through the whole thing to find out your router model.


For the most part, yes. My experience with Linux is limited to using boot disks/live CDs as part of troubleshooting hardware on Windows systems. Most importantly, I use the Plex desktop occasionally for other tasks, and I like my Windows software. If I went the upgraded Plex server route, I would want to continue that.


Schedule your windows updates to run overnight and have your apps open after login completes.

Nothing wrong with windows for plex. Many folks use it and most will say run the os your most familiar with.

How’s the streaming going with the Hauppauge.


It’s Linksys EA8300. Two different ones, same problems, after the first one worked great for 6 months or more. It’s set for auto updates of its software, so I’m wondering if an update was pushed to it that screwed it up. I also very briefly hooked up my old WRT54GL last night, and the Roku buffered at SD quality soon after. I didn’t keep testing that for long.

I hope to see what Support says about this, if these results continue tomorrow. I have no problem trying a different router manufacturer, even though I’d grown to really like the Linksys web and app interfaces.


2.5 hours and the only problem was when I accidentally initiated a server update from my phone (thinking it was asking me to update the app).