Help! Need to Reconnect Tablo from Wireless to Hardwire

Need a little help! Since the Tablo call center is down until Tuesday, I am wondering if some expert out there can help me. Last week we installed the new T-Mobile 5G wireless gateway box and started migrating all our devices from my router connected to Cox to the new wireless modem/router. I called the Tablo help desk on Thursday and got a very nice young lady to talk me through connecting our Tablo to the wireless box. However, a lot of issues started to exist with freezing frames to significant delays in loading. Went to the Tablo website and found out that you cannot connect Tablo to a wireless network if you are using a Roku. My issue is how can I reconnect the Tablo from the wireless box to hardwire it to the wireless modem/router or should I just wait until Tuesday to call Tablo??? I have two network plug-ins available on the back of the box. Thanks much.

My Tablo and Roku are both connected to my router via wireless without any issues so that is not your issue. However to answer your question just plug in the Tablo to the router with an ethernet cable and reset the Tablo. See here:

Thanks for the response. Read the article you sent, however, it doesn’t mention how or where it will come back and ask for the gateway password to connect. Anyway, the issues we are experiencing is when we are able to connect to a channel, we are constantly getting a black freeze frame with the rotating circle in the middle of the screen. If and when it returns to the channel, most of the time it will return to the point where it dropped to the black screen.