Help, I've been "Lean backed"!

I actually don’t know what Lean Back is. I was redoing some settings, and saw the box, so I clicked it (web app, Chrome). The screen immediately went to Live TV grid, and back arrows don’t work. Restarted, and it still happens. Sooooo, I am stuck in Live TV grid, no way back. I don’t even get the Communicating page after the splash page.

The question then is: how do I get back to non-Lean Back. And BTW: what is it anyway???

Use your keyboard to navigate back to settings and uncheck the leanback option box.

Leanback allows a computer or any device running a compatible browser to function as a Tablo client.

Ta da!!! Thanks 7; I had no idea the direction keys would work that way. When I backed up I could roll down to the bottom with the mouse, so had to use the arrow keys to go down. Unchecked, and now all is well. Much grass…


Got to admit, I have been afraid to check that box because I was not really sure what it did but it has been like a giant red button begging me to push it. Now I can.

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You have more self control than I do. The first time I saw that box I clicked it without thinking twice about it (what can I say, I like living on the edge :wink: ). I’ll admit, I got a little nervous for a few seconds, but I soon figured out what was going on.

Yes, you can recover from it, but I don’t see what the upper is; would like to know.

Typical computer interface is a “lean in” experience (the position in which you sit when using a computer.) “Lean back” is sometimes called a 10 foot interface (the position you sit in when using a TV.)

Kinda funny; thanks Man.