Heartbroken, going to Tivo

I’m sorry Tablo, but I think I am at my wits end. I have loved your device and service for a few years now, but all the updates and the constant issues with my viewing experience because of these updates is starting to wear on me. If its not your update it is an update with my device that causes issues and then you have to do an update to fix it and so on and so on. It never ends. I think I am going to have to give Tivo a try. I really expected to be using Tablo forever. :frowning:

Tivo makes some great product. Sorry about the Tablo experience. Hopefully you’ll be satified with Tivo.

If you use streaming services, accessing them via a TiVo is not as pleasant an experience as via devices like a Roku.

wouldn’t that presumably be the “other” device needed routing updates causing irritation?

I"m not familiar with tivo, but have recently noticed OTA DVRs don’t seem to be a one-on-one comparison. They vary greatly with features, capabilities and functions.

Tablo does offer diverse options, in some ways this creates complications, mostly versatility.

It’s unfortunate tablo doesn’t fit your needs… ultimately I wish you luck finding an OTA DVR device to keep you off cable/satellite!

That was part of my larger point. The other device also does updates, but Tablo seems to be the only one affected.

Good luck.

Instead off TiVo try the new Amazon recast dvr that and an Amazon account, firestick and high-speed internet is all you need.

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I made the move from Tivo to Tablo. Tivo has gone downhill over the last few years, imho. They are still very good DVR’s, but expensive to own and distribute to your TV’s (if you have multiples). BTW, I will be placing my final Tivo box on Ebay when I get a chance. Be sure if you go this route, get lifetime or they will nickel and dime you to death.

Are you trying to bait Joe Begm to come back to the forum?

I have TiVo they have a great interface and saves you a ton of money on cables fees with there mini boxes. Sadly streaming is not the best experience on TiVo they have limited apps plus is sluggish when streaming apps. But if you are looking to cut cable box fees this is the way to go.

To an extent, I agree with the original poster that my Tablo works weird than before after all the software updates. For example, it started double recording problem that I mentioned in a different post.

A minor update. I did some troubleshooting and found the issue is still with the combination of my Tablo and Fire TV. I use my IOS app no problem and switched over to the Roku in my TV and the Fire TV is the only one that buffers. But I don’t like the Roku interface, so I’m going with a Nvida Shield TV.

More to come…

So far no issues with the Tablo interface with the Nvidia Shield. I know this sounds a bit much, but Tablo got a stay of execution with the probability of a pardon. :wink:

Only time will tell.

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I left TiVo for Tablo. No regrets. Tablo works great, and it has “wife approval” so… life is good.
That being said, for anyone who is jumping to TiVo, I still have a pair of TiVo Bolt 500GB (the ones that can do either OTA or Cable Card) and a pair of TiVo minis. They’re in boxes in the basement. With remotes. Just sayin’.

I purchased a TiVo when I had cablecard TV. Worked great for a couple of years. They dropped support for MLB.TV. Had a few other issues with updates. The biggest problem - their guide costs $12.99 per month - or $599.99 for lifetime.

When I moved, AT&T didn’t support TiVo, so it went in the box in the closet. Recently I went back to an OTA, and TiVo still wanted $599.99 for the subscription. A friend told me about Tablo. I purchased it, plugged a 4TB HDD in, and it has worked as good as any other DVR I have owned. Plus the subscription was $149.99 for lifetime.

I recently added my 2nd 4-Tuner Tablo. I am a happy camper! Works great with my ROKU devices - I wish the app was updated for my LG TVs and XBOX one. My wife liked the ROKU remote, so they are installed on all 6 of the TVs in the house.