Headphones with Roku 3 remote with Harmony

Continuing the discussion from Roku 1 or 2:

snowcat: I am considering a Roku 3 for the TV in the bedroom. The remote headphone feature lets one watch while the other sleeps. I also like our Harmony 700 remote. Do you know of any reason, one couldn’t use the Roku 3 remote for the headphones but the Harmony to control the TV/Roku?

This is possible. This is exactly what my wife and I used to do before ditching Roku.

If you plug in headphones to a Roku remote for a particular tv, you will get audio on those headphones when the Roku is playing, no matter whether you are using that remote or another remote as your main remote.

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Thanks, I thought it would work but sometimes things don’t work the way you expect them to.

getcashmoney, what are you using now and can you use headphones with it?


I don’t have any Harmony Remotes, but I do use the ROKO App on my Android Samsung S4 phone as the remote.

Using the headphones on the ROKU 3

The app works great.


@vpetrill I switched to Android TV. With the Nexus Player ($50), you can use wireless bluetooth headphones to listen to whatever is on the TV. On the Shield TV ($200) which I currently have, you can plug headphones into the rechargeable remote or controller included with the box. When the Android 6.0 update comes to the Shield in the next couple of weeks, you will be able to use wireless bluetooth headphones as well.