HDHomeRun on AppleTV

Chop chop @TabloTV! The competition is catching up!


Hahaha… If I had a nickel for everytime someone asked us if the app was ready, I’d be a millionaire. (At least if the nickels were American…)

However, we said spring, and given this weekend’s forecast for Tablo HQ, we’ve still got some time to go till that happens.

That being said, we’re cranking on it and things are coming along nicely.

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lol, but i didn’t ask when it’d be ready! Just providing a little, you know, motivation!. Yes, no sign of spring based on the cold in Chicago either.

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Its important to note here the HD homerun has no recording/playback ability … its all live tv 24/7/365 and thats it. so I can see where it would be a bit easier for someone to whip up an app that just receives the raw stream from the hd homerun …


The new HDHomeRun DVR software which is still in beta also has no native Apple TV or Roku support. They are light years behind Tablo.

I presume this software needs a PC or a MAC as well … its not gonna run directly on the AppleTV is it?

Yes. Read here:


Pitty… it would be much more interesting if the DVR was the AppleTV … I don’t see this as a “plus” for them because now you have to have a dedicated computer running 24/7 to do the recordings on… but hey whatever…

Exactly my point, but some people swear it’ll be the next best thing since sliced bread.

I have an HD Homerun (which I pretty much ONLY use to align my antenna/diagnostics) I briefly used it as a TV tuner when I had it plugged in and it was “ok” but what features it offered the TABLO was had plus more and its all in one solution you dont need to have a dedicated machine… I suppose its a wait n see thing … I could only see this as viable if say you already had a plex server and you wanted to shoehorn it on there.

I was using the Elgato EyeTV software I think…

Agreed table is on top. I just get a kick when you see more activity in this space. I do like how it integrates with NAS

NAS devices are cool, but overrated.

As for HDHomeRun, You need to buy their separate tuner device, then pay for their software and then have your own NAS or computer?

That’s expensive!

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NAS is by no means overrated…mine has multiple practical purposes for me.

Yeah, you do have to buy their tuner separately. So you’re right, that can get expensive.

I have no need for a NAS. I have one desktop.

Sooooo dont get one. I have a need for one, hence why I have one…

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I’m just pointing out that your initial post made it sound like Tablo was behind HDHomeRun, which is certainly not the case.

Each product out there offers a different solution which will fit different people’s needs.

My mistake. I was focusing on the Apple TV app per the article I copied. By no means do I think they’re catch up on a wholistic solution

I hope they do well though, the more competition, the better the Tablo is going to get.

Couldn’t agree more. I’m a huge promoter of cutting the cord. The more activity we see in this space, the better.

Which NAS are you running anyway? Would it have enough power to run the HDHomeRun DVR software?