HDD temperature concern

I mounted my Tablo, antenna and HDD in the garage. Has anyone had the HDD malfunction in the winter when the temperature drops? Does anyone have a method to keep the drive warm?

I have not tested this but Western Digital promotes in their data sheet, 32F-150F at operational temps.

Non operated temps are WAY lower and WAY higher. But I usually take the operational temps as the gospel.


Not an answer, just an observation. Unless “air controlled”, there are more issues that can happen related to moisture/condensation,etc.

Tablo devices aren’t rated for “outdoor” scenarios.

(regardless of an external hard drive’s capabilities)


My equipment is installed inside the garage but the environment isn’t controlled so I have concerns.

I can’t imagine a garage being an issue unless you are in an extremely cold or hot climate.
My Router and a 2.5G switch are in the garage. No HDD in them though…

Just bought a WD 5TB HDD. Spec says operating temperature is 41-95 F. I guess I’ll find out. I may have to route a coax to the basement and move the Tablo and HDD.

Note: haven’t had to deal with a basement for decades.

However, I do remember basements. Basements full of water :slight_smile: Not sure if I’d give a basement a “pass” with regards to a hospitable environment for much of the same reasons.

I mean, I suppose there can be extremely arid “garages” and such where temps are very moderate, but I’m thinking… unlikely (???) I guess I need to know where these places are so I can move there (?)

I live way up north where we can get bitter cold and snowy winters and beautiful summers. My basement is 4 foot exposed on 2 walls with nice big windows. About 3/4’s of it is finished off with a beautiful open space L-shaped room. There are two dehumidifiers (one in the finished area, one in the unfinished utility area) controlling the humidity at 45~50% year round. My 9+ year old Tablo and HDD live happily down there. The environment is perfect. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep… air controlled… as I mentioned.

Thanks to all for their comments. I probably won’t know if this is a problem until winter but hopefully it will operate as well as it does now.

On the coldest of winter days (below zero) my garage will go below freezing. Especially if we get many bitter cold days in a row. We used to keep soda and bottled water out there in the winter because it would stay nice and cold. One day I went out during a cold spell and found exploded soda cans all over the shelf and floor with frozen Coke sprayed all over the front of our car. :grin:

I’ve had the opposite happen, where cans exploded due to heat.