HDD Running Non Stop

Searched the discussion board, but could not find anything on this topic.

Plugged in HDD and the light continues to flash, as though it is stuck in a read/write loop.  The HDD is not recording anything and no one is watching any content.  Is it normal for the HDD to run continuously as though it’s performing read/write functions?

Has your HDD been formatted yet by the Tablo?

If not or you’re not sure, log in and look at the settings menu from a web browser.

If so, what make, model, and size is it?

yes, formatted by Tablo during the setup process.  It’s a 2TB WD Elements Drive


@dknight Does it ‘sound’ like it’s working? Different drives have different status lights. Some will flash continuously when their ‘idle’ and others will just remain solid/off. 

its runs very quietly, sounds like it’s performing read/write activity, but a little hard to tell

I have a 1TB WD Elements drive and it flashes continuously. It’s cool to the touch and silent as a tomb. I assumed this was normal behavior for this drive.

thanks for the input, probably same deal with mine