HDCP unauthorized, Content disabled for live TV

Trying to watch live TV today On Roku 3. Besides the usual 2 - 3minutes wait for loading, now instead of live TV the following message come up “HDCP unauthorized, Content disabled for live TV”. Any idea how to solve this one? Is it another bug which have been missed for 2.2.6 firmware?

Google HDCP unauthorized.


https://jumpingjack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203364297-Television-Roku-HDCP-unauthorized-Content-disabled- Short answer - set Roku Resolution to resolution your TV has. It is a user error, not Tablo. Do other things work the way it is? Perhaps the other channels rigged around the Roku by checking resolution of your TV and programaticy change the Roku resolution to match the stream.

Thanks. I’ll check it.

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I’ve had this happen a few times - I reboot the Roku and the Tablo and it goes away for a few weeks/months.

You guys are so helpful - thanks! I carried a Roku with me to a friend’s house for a few days & got this message when I plugged it back in. But - got the same message for Netflix. I checked my settings, which were fine, so I restarted that Roku from the menu & it corrected itself.