HDCP 2.2 not available... huh?

I just spent over an hour trying to fix an HDCP 2.2 error.
Roku Ultra connected to a Samsung 50" 4K TV.
Tried to view a 4K video on the “4K Spotlight” channel, “view from YouTube”… then get a screen telling me I can’t view 4K because I’m not HDCP 2.2 … huh?

I swear this worked before on the Roku. Turn stuff off. Unplug stuff, Re-plug stuff in… thinking it was a handshake issue. Nope. Still no HDCP 2.2.

Then it dawns on me… I rewired my entertainment center. I moved stuff around. I plugged the Roku into HDMI 1 because I wanted it first on the list of input sources after “TV” (the antenna connection).

Get out the TV manual… ok… pull it up on computer screen because I’m not sure anyone actually prints stuff any more…

Turns out my 4K TV has only ONE out of the 4 HDMI inputs able to do HDCP 2.2. And it’s not labeled “HDCP 2.2” it’s just labeled “HDMI (MHL)”… whatever the heck that means.

Turn stuff off, unplug stuff, rearrange HDMI-connected devices… right now just Apple TV and the Roku Ultra… turn stuff back on, have the Roku recheck the Display… 4K available. HDCP 2.2 compliant.

Now… it makes me scratch my head and wonder why they’d build a 4K TV with HDMI 4 inputs and 3 of them are incapable of supporting 4K.

Whatever… working again. Lesson learned. But that’s how I spent my afternoon… while my wife was mowing :smiley:

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Solid wife selection :wink:

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MHL was a way (and not a bad thing) to connect a USB mobile phone (not USB-C) to your TV using an MHL (HDMI) adapter. It’s actually cool tech… not on your latest phones which rely on unreliable casting techniques to display on your TV.

Death of MHL, death of IR, death of headphone jack, death of replaceable battery… but, at least you have a (so so) camera upgrade (which sometime it’s not). Mobile phone manufacturers are clueless idiots. Oh, and your $400 phone that had all of those things, at least you can get a $1200 phone with none of those things. (sorry about the rant, we’re facing “forced” phone upgrades coming up… I will truly miss my HTC One M8… I fixed several TVs over vacation because I could drive them from that phone… something you can’t do with today’s phones).


I hear ya. Wife just got dragged, kicking and screaming, into upgrading her phone. Her old one was just… done. We rarely talk on them. Text mostly. And Mine connects to my Silverado and I can pull up maps and weather radar and stuff while driving on the truck’s bigger screen. And I use it on the boat for navigation and speedometer.

Is it even still a “phone”?

Yes! I had used the MHL deal at one time. Physical connections, for me, are generally superior.
Along with everything you mentioned, at one time I had a Samsung phone, not a high-end name, nevertheless, they sold specific accessories for it. I had a dock for it which held it up so it had some function while ‘laying’ on the table and it stored a spare battery. They also have an auto mount made to secretly for it that snapped in the USB port.

Now you get an ultra expensive phone to find accessories, or get an affordable one and use universal things and hope for the best (ok, they’re not all bad) just that,

They don’t expect “typical American consumers” to know/understand there’s a difference.

I recall when the change over to HD was starting. People would get a “wide-screen” and claim they had HD TV now… with a coax connection from the same cable box they used for their tube TV. Explain what’s wrong with that :neutral_face: to someone.

Having a universal remote effectively as your phone was (and is for me, for now) awesome.

I had an LG phone with an IR emitter which controlled my LG TV (probably others) but I recall it not being very responsive, but that was then.

So despite everything they’ve taken away, all is not lost!

Mine was perfect. Foreign device with no remote? No problem, I can fix that.