HD dock (internal or external)

I know you can’t make all the people happy all the time, but… Have you thought about putting a USB port on the inside of the enclosure so that we could put a USB on the inside? This would be one less thing with cables and lights and power that has to be “put some place”?

Just an idea, I velcro mine to the top of the Tablo. I use a portable external drive, get one in black… I think it looks ok. I use an HGST Touro, it has a blue LED towards the rear and it matches the blue from the Tablo pretty well. It’s bus powered.

Have you opened your Tablo?

One, there isn’t much space in their to put anything. Two, the device gets quite warm and it would likely fry an internal HDD.

Ack. Sandwiching two pieces of electronics that get warm is not the greatest idea.

And yes, there really isn’t a lot of room inside the enclosure and we don’t really want people poking around in there and potentially breaking something.

I have the much cooler running 2-tuner Tablo, it really runs just slightly warm. I forget that the 4-tuner gets really hot.