HD 1080i/720p @ 60FPS setting and multiple streamers

Hey all,

I am a new Tablo DUAL owner. Here is my Setup

Channel Master CM-4221 UHF and HDTV Antenna. Attic mounted. Great reception according to Tablo. All the channels I want have 5 green dots.

Tablo DUAL is connected to a hardwired network. The main switch is a gigabit unmanaged switch.

I have a Roku Ultra on one television and a Roku Premier+ on another. The Roku’s are connected to the same hard wired network.

I have the recording setting set to the highest quality. HD 1080 / 720p@60fps.

This has been working great. Today was the first time we had both televisions on at the same time. Viewing the same channel.

We noticed shortly after we started viewing on both that both TV’s went to a Loading… screen and never returned.

In order to troubleshoot, I reduced the quality to HD 1080 - 8Mbps. This seemed to resolve the issue as both TV’s worked fine.

I want to use the highest quality setting, especially for football as I think I can tell the difference with fast motion. Is this expected behavior with my configuration? I thought the Tablo would support more than 2 streamers set at the highest quality?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

You shouldn’t have any issues doing two streams at 10 Mbps, especially with everything hardwired. If you bump the recording quality back up to 10Mbps, are you able to reproduce the issue?

@tablosupport I agree, I should have plenty of bandwidth in this configuration

Yes, I can readily reproduce this. If I switch back to 10mpbs and run both televisions it will happen every time. Should I open a case?

Def open a support ticket, but can you try removing the network switch as a test? As in hard wire the Tablo directly to the router, and connect the Roku to the WiFi on that router? Or directly hard wire the Roku to the router, either is fine.

Maybe it’s a 1990’s time warp. Cat3 running at 10 Mps and half duplex.

Yea, I could do that. I’ll see what support says.

Ha! That would be swell :slight_smile:

It’s Cat5e, terminated in a patch panel and patched into the switch from there. It’s a 24 port switch and I was thinking as a test i could put the roku’s and the tablo on the same “bank” of ports. That really shouldn’t matter, though.

This is the switch:


If watching live tv on 2 sets try disconnecting the hd to see if it has any effect.

I was able to reproduce this when I first noticed it. I would change the setting to 8mbps and both would work. I changed it to 10mbps and they would both not work.

This morning I tried to reproduce again just to verify and it’s working fine at 10mbps… what the hell? Now, the channel is different as we were watching football on FOX when I was having the issue. I’m not sure if that should matter a lot or not. This morning I was just watching good morning america on ABC. The FOX affiliate here uses 720p and the ABC affiliate uses 1080i. The FOX affiliate doesn’t really have much programming on this morning…

Given this, I’m not sure if this was just a fluke or what…

I think that’s a significant clue. The Fox 720p broadcasts are 60fps on 10Mbps streams.

Makes a real difference on sports when you’re tracking an object like a golf ball.

Right, but the system should still work. The original problem was that both TV’s stopped showing a picture and went to the “loading…” screen.

Not disagreeing, but saying that the scenario is significantly different when streaming sports that Fox broadcasts at 60 fps and when you test other 30 fps streams. If one owrks and one not, you have a great indicator of specifically where Tablo guys should be looking at. "_

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How long does it take for the video to fail, once you’ve got 2 streams playing? Are both channels you’re watching 720p? You can check this in the Settings screen at http://my.tablotv.com/.

When I originally noticed the problem, both TV’s were watching the same channel. The channel in question was 720p.

It started to fail maybe a minute after both TV’s started streaming? I didn’t really think to try to measure the time on it.

I’ll see if I can reproduce this again tonight or tomorrow. This morning was a no go as far as reproduction. It worked fine, but I was using a 1080i channel instead of the 720p channel.

Last question: is your Tablo DUAL using the internal storage, or do you have a drive connected?

Internal storage only.

Maybe attach a hd temporarily to bypass the internal storage, just to see if there is any change.

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Are you sure the ABC affiliate is 1080i? Nationally, only CBS and NBC use 1080i – Fox and ABC broadcast in 720p. Why would the affiliate broadcast in a different format than the signal they are sent by the network? (Unless it’s a remote area that is using am translator with mutltiple networks per transmission?)

Our ABC is 1080i (Dallas/Ft. Worth).