Having Winegard MS-3005 MetroStar Insalled Tomorrow

I’ve bee to Tablo and have been using a Mohu Leaf 30 with a Winegard preamp. This setup works, I’ll say, pretty good mounted in my window. However, it’s not perfect and I get pixelation on a couple channels, mainly at night. Annoying to say the least. So, that said, I hired a seasoned pro antenna installer to put the MetroStar on my second story peak. I’m looking forward to as close to perfect reception as I can likely get. I’m in SE Michigan about 15-20 miles from the major network transmitters. On paper, it should be a slam dunk. The only thing I still wavier on is a directional antenna vs the Omni. That’s was their recommendation, so I’m putting my faith in their experience. That said, if I don’t like it, they will replace it with an alternative antenna at no charge. So that’s good to know. I’ll keep you guys in the loop and let you know how things turn out with the 3005. So far the Tablo is awesome, and is working perfect and as designed.


Awesome - Good luck with the antenna

Working awesome! Bringing in stations from over 50 miles away, crisp and clear.