Having troubles with my Tablo. Can someone helpe plz

How do I pause tablo? I can’t figure it out. And how do I update when it is needed?

Itll auto update, or go to the settings & check for firmware. Pause should just b pause button on streaming remote


What’s a streaming remote? You mean like my TV remote?

This is my remote for my TV. It will not pause with the pause on remote. What button do I use

The button about in the center with the “play” (right arrow) and “stop/pause” (two vertical parallel lines) symbols on it…just above the “Netflix” button. You press it to stop/pause or resume play.

Using Tablo with Roku – Tablo (tablotv.com) You can also press the left or right direction buttons (beside OK) when paused to advance forward or rewind frame at a time or hold down many frames, then press OK to return to play.