Having to reboot Tablo multiple times a day

I have a roku and when I click on my Tablo app it frequently says no Tablo found. I then go unplug and then plug my Tablo back in, then in a minute or two it finds it. This also happens to me in the middle of watching a show. It will say reconnecting to Tablo. I have to go and unplug it again. It always connects again but this is a huge pain and it’s happening multiple times a day. Any suggestions?

Just tossing out a few ideas.

  • Maybe your Tablo is getting its IP address changed, you may want to look at your DHCP configuration.
  • If your Tablo is connected via wireless, maybe you’re having a connection problem. Possibly try a different channel on your wifi setup.

Can you provide a few more details about your setup so that others might chime in? When the Tablo is not found, do other clients (like Win10 or my.tablotv.com) work?

I’m having a similar issue, so I thought it best to add to this thread. I’m not losing connectivity multiple times a day, but I have lost connectivity twice in the last couple weeks. When this happens, pushing the blue button to restart my Tablo Quad will resolve the problem but I am not quite sure what’s causing it to go offline.

My network isn’t too complex. I have a dedicated router (Cisco RV345). This router connects me to the internet and it’s also my DHCP server. I have a DHCP reservation configured for my Tablo thus it should always get the same IP address. I have a Netgear Orbi system (RBK50) which consists of a router and satellite HOWEVER I have that configured for Access Point ONLY. So the Orbi only provides wireless connectivity (no routing or any other advanced features). I have my Tablo plugged directly into the satellite as it has ethernet LAN ports. I figured having a wired connection to that AP would provide the best performance.

I can look at my router and see the DHCP bindings. When the tablo is working correctly, I can see it has DHCP lease for the IP I reserved for it. Additionally I can log directly into the Netgear satellite and see the tablo has a wired connection along with its MAC and IP address.

When my tablo goes offline, I don’t see a DHCP lease on my router plus I no longer see it as a connected/wired device attached to the Netgear satellite. I should note that the satellite is working fine, so it’s not like the satellite is offline which would cut off the Tablo’s network access. Oddly enough, I do see the green LED on the ethernet port on the Tablo flashing like there is network activity going on.

I don’t access my Tablo every day so I can’t be sure how often it happens, just that I know I can longer access it. Doing the “soft reboot” has fixed it for me every time so far but I don’t know why it’s happening. I’ve had my Tablo for roughly a year and it’s been working flawlessly for me until now.

Hi. I’m not a tech person but this is what I know. I have had my Tablo for years. It is connected wireless to my router. This is a new problem that I am having. None of my other apps on my roku are having this problem, just Tablo. Do you think if I delete the Tablo app and reinstall it that it might help?

It doesn’t seem like that would help, but it’s worth a try and easy to do.

Next time you have this issue see if other clients show the same issue (easiest way is to go to my.tablotv.com on your phone, assuming it is connected to your home wifi).

We’ve had this happen a couple times a year.
Uninstalling the Roku Tablo app, and reinstalling it fixes the issue for us.

Thank you. I will try that.

We have multiple streaming devices. It’s not a daily occurrence, but about once a week the Roku loses connection. I don’t need to restart the Tablo, I just need to do a search for device and it reconnects. The other devices don’t ever lose connection. I don’t know if this is something on the Roku side or on Tablo’s side. I tend to feel it’s an issue on the Roku side. Since Roku had to do the 10.5 update, the Tablo app is just okay. It’s nothing like it was with 10.0 and doesn’t work nearly as well as the android devices.

When this happens to me, I can’t access my Tablo from my Roku devices, my PCs, or the app (iPad and Android phone). A search to reconnect never works so I always end up rebooting it.

Ya that’s what’s happening to me. It used it be just once in awhile it would happen now it’s every day. I did try deleting the app and reinstalling and that did not work. Once I reboot the Tablo it works but it’s just a pain.

I’m having to reboot daily. Using an old 4-tuner Tablo with 2.2.28 firmware. No previous problems in over two years use until recently. I try to select a channel and get one of two messages:

All four tuners in use (

none are actually in use)
Hard drive full (actually 1.81 T remaining of 1.97T )

Rebooting is the only solution I’ve found and it is very inconvenient.

Hi Mark, can you touch base with our support team? They’ll be able to take a closer look and help you get things up and running.