Having a problem with lagging and freezing when using to chrome cast

Having a problem with lagging and freezing when using to chrome cast. about 5 mins after watching live tv or dvr. pause and play button seem to make it start again. Is it my chromecast, router or hard drive i have a segate 2tb usb 3? please help!! it does not lag on my phone or computer.

Likely Chromecast, it is an underpowered device.

Plus it has a very tiny WiFi antenna so the WiFi speeds are very slow for local streaming.

Get an Apple TV 4, Nexus Player, Fire TV.

Yeah, the Chromecast is a fickle device for some folks. Could be your router too though. I have 3 CC’s (living room - 15 feet from the router; bedroom - 20 feet and 1 wall and the deck - probably a good 30 feet with 4 walls in-between) and only occasionally get a quick hiccup. I even cast the Tablo from an old 2011 Moto Razr on Kitkat with very little problems and then usually only due to the slowness of the phone. It may be more trouble than it’s worth if your network or devices are iffy and picking up a Nexus (if you can still find one) might be your best bet as @theuser86 said. I can’t speak for the Apple devices. I also use a Roku3 for my main client device. If you’re interested in my setup, click the palm trees for my info.

I agree.


What is the make and model of your router?

Usually, the device used to do the casting can have an impact on performance (and exacerbated even more depending on Android version). You might want to try other devices, if possible, to see if you can repro the issue.

Another thing to check for is Wi-Fi signal reception from the Chromecast’s location.