Have to reset Tablo a lot

Does anybody else have to reset every day or every other day?  After the upgrade, Tablo said it was resetting but wouldn’t work until I reset it with the button. I wasn’t home much Tuesday through Friday.  I reset it Saturday because nothing would play, recordings or live, thru ROKU or Ipad.  I had to reset it again Sunday for the same reason.  This isn’t a big deal except when I’m upstairs ready to watch from the bedroom and have to go downstairs to push the button.

Are you able to see the recordings, but they just don’t play?  Or does this mean you cannot even connect to the tablo?

I can connect fine. Sometimes the show icons are grayed and sometimes they look fine and just won’t play. In any case, a reset makes it work.

@Grandy can you send me some details on your setup? We’ll take a look at this and get you up and running. Try to include as much details as you can - e.g your MAC address, hard drive model, etc.

Can’t see that info remotely, but first contact with TS (that included the info) was 7/18/14 subject :syncing.  I emailed with David a few times on similar issues to what I’m having now.  After several reboots, clearing caches, etc. it was working better.  I was OK with rebooting once a week or so rather than David’s suggestion of factory resetting and starting from scratch.  It’s worse again after the upgrade. 

@Grandy When you get a chance, send me a ticket directly and we can arrange a remote session with your Tablo to see what’s going on.

Hey @TabloSupport, the problem still exists.  I’m happy to help out however I can with the troubleshooting, but need to have some feedback from you.

@Grandy Sounds like you didn’t get my last email… Any chance I went to the Spam folder :P?

In any case, I’ve just sent you a follow up. 

Sorry if I falsely accused but I haven't received any emails from you recently.  Are you sure you're sending to the right addy?

@Grandy Well, this is getting weird. I sent you one last week, one this afternoon and one about 2 minutes ago. We’re looking into this with our provider to see if there are any issues on our side. 

Did you get the one I sent you about 2 hours ago?

BTW I did get the auto response to the email I sent earlier today.

@TabloSupport I had to reset 2x yesterday.  I will probably have to reset when I get home today based on the empty boxes I’m seeing on my phone now.  I have not received an email for quite some time, other than the automated response to the one I sent yesterday afternoon.  Yes, I have checked spam folder and did not find you among the ads for products to make my life and body even more perfect.  I gave you my phone number in an email last week.  Please figure out a way to communicate.

@Grandy We have (and still are, to be safe) investigated our email server for any potential issues. There don’t appear to be any - that being said, I’ve just sent you another email.

If for some reason you don’t receive it, I’ve pasted its contents into the body of a PM on this forum. Chat soon.

@TabloSupport  your suggestion that I had too many channels in the mix doesn’t seem to be the whole problem.  I got it down to 53 and am still having to reset every day or two.  I sent you a message and an email.  Thanks for being so nice (of course you’re Canadian) but we really need to get this figured out and fixed.

Thanks for getting back to me. I start to feel unloved when I don’t hear from you.

We <3 you Grandy!

Don’t see anything posted since October last year. But want to offer this for Grandy or others who are surfing for input on this.

I had the same frequent resetting problem. Mine was on the router, not the Tablo device, but it was apparent to me the introduction of the Tablo was causing the issue. On my second day I went down and bought an updated router. Problem stopped immediately.

What’s the new router?

Nothing fancy. Just a NetGear17 that I picked up at Radio Shack.

I had suspected that a couple of the ports had gone bad. Wasn’t sure, but that was my memory from some time back. And then it was simply somewhat old. My theory was that a new router might work: newer, possibly updated communications. Could also be faster. Tried it, and it worked out perfectly. Pretty cheap early try to overcome a problem. If it hadn’t worked, then I’d be calling in the techies.