Have to reset GEN four almost every day

What would cause having to reset my GEN 4 just about every day?

Give us more details on why you have to reset the Gen4 every day?

According to this article - absolutely nothing:


A factory reset should not be attempted as a troubleshooting step and should only be done as a last resort by someone who knows what they’re doing.

I believe there is a distinction between someone who knows how to do it and “someone who knows what they’re doing”

Reasons to factory reset according to the article-

You may wish to perform a factory reset on Tablo for one of the following reasons:

  • You are selling your Tablo DVR
  • You are giving your Tablo DVR to a new owner
  • You have tried absolutely everything else to fix your Tablo (including talking to our amazing Tablo Support representatives).

Then again, tablo has naming issues, there’s a reset button used for “rebooting” according to tech support -

If this is you concern… who knows. Everyone’s setup is unique as to what network, device and understanding.

None of my TVs or phones can connect. Reset the Tablo - everything works fine for the next day or two. Recording works fine, though obviously gets interrupted by the reset.

Could it be that your router is changing the tablo IP address every 24+ hours. That is easy to check by writing down the tablo’s IP address that usually appears in the tablo settings menu and compare it to the IP after the next occurrence.


@zippy may be correct.

Power cycling your router, then your Tablo, then your streaming device should prevent you from having to set up your Tablo every day. Setting a DHCP reservation for your Tablo on your router will hopefully avoid that song and dance as well.

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In another thread I asked how Tablo apps learn the ip address of the Tablo. Even if the router is changing the ip address, the apps should learn the new address. Address reservation is only needed when the ip address is manually entered into the client.

One way I have found to check the ip address of the Tablo is to open a Windows 11 command prompt and enter ping t4g2.local (or maybe t4g4.local for the 4-tuner). Compare that to the ip address shown on the settings page of the app and on My Status - Tablo TV.

If you were in the roku app and the tablo unit switches addresses you might have a problem. The roku app will send requests out to the ether of your local network. Of course the app has to wait for all of these to timeout and then decide if the request needs to be retried or a full reconnection attempted. Of course you could have heartbeat enabled on all open virtual circuits but that also requires you are reading the circuits input channels, etc, etc.

I actually have an eero connected by ethernet to the modem/router. Everything else is wi-fi to the eero.

Reservations are used to ensure the device gets the same IP address every time it is up for renewal. The alleviates the need for manually entered IP addresses.

I have a reservation set for both of my Tablos (Tablo Quad and Gen 4) and both are hard-wired though it doesn’t matter if the client is wired or wireless. You can set a reservation for either type.

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You can create a reservation on an eero for your Tablo. I have two Tablos (Tablo Quad and Gen 4) and both have a reservation to ensure they get the same IP address every time.

99% of home network are “flat networks” and the Tablo calls out per the DNS name. Not all home wireless routers can resolve that DNS name. Again, you pay $30 for a Walmart special router, you get $30 worth of performance.


The original legacy used IPV4 broadcast for discovery. Then there were changes to cache the IP address in the local app. Of course the legacy also had a search button to escape bad IP’s and re-search for devices.

Then things seemed to go south 3-4 years ago with tablo’s desire to phone home metrics at app startup.

And it seems the gen 4 is phone home on steroids.

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