Have to power cycle almost weekly

I have a 4 tuner Tablo that we’ve been using for a little over a month. It works well, except that almost every week we have to power cycle it, typically around Sunday. It either becomes unresponsive, can’t connect, or just hangs while syncing.

Any advice on this issue?
  1. Turn the unit sideways so it cools better.

  2. Attach it to a power filter or UPS for clean power.

  3. Make sure the Tablo is wired, not wireless. More stable connection to your router.

Also can you not access the Tablo from ALL devices when this happens? If you can still get to it by a device then it’s likely a networking issue and not a Tablo issue.

Correct - try PC, Android phone, tablet if you have one, iOS device, and so on, to ensure it’s not just one means of connecting that is the issue. 
In my case it was any device no matter how I tried, it was in an endless syncing, connecting, syncing, connecting, etc. loop.

@Ichabod If you’ve got access to your router, a static IP wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Give me a shout if you need any help on this.

If assigning the Tablo a static IP in your router settings fixes your problem then it is likely a networking issue. Please let us know how it all goes.

I ended up turning the Tablo on its side and have not had a problem since. Hopefully future generations will fix this issue.