Have to double tap all buttons


I’m having an issue with an Tablo Android App on a ASUS MeMO HD Pad 7" (MT8125) with Android 4.2. To select button I have to double tap. Is this normal?


To select any button? Or just certain ones?

Any button.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

To toggle between play/pause on the android app side-loaded to AFTV, I have the same issue. I chalked it up to the fact it’s not built for FTV yet.

If I want to pause the play on a recorded show it takes 2 clicks. If I want to resume, two clicks. If I want the controls to show up I have to move the mouse and click 2 or 3 times, then the controls appear and I have to click one of the choices 2 times for a response.
I assumed it was due to the app being side-loaded on AFTV, not intended to run on the FireTV stick, or some other reason. 
But maybe it’s just an issue with the app and certain android OS?

I freshly installed the app yesterday from Google Play store and the app hasn’t been on that tablet before. ShadowsPapa appears to be having the same issue as I am. When I get home I can post the Android kernel/version information.

@gg4rest Please do! We’ll see if we can test against this more definitively. 

Model ME173X
Android version 4.2.2
Kernel version 3.4.5
Build: ME173X_US_user_4.2.4.04152_20140714