Have a Roku Streaming Stick? Experiencing Buffering Issues?

Hey Tablo on Roku fans… 

You may have seen us mention that while the concept of the Roku Stick is super cool, we don’t necessarily recommend it for use with Tablo since the WiFi antenna seems weaker than in their ‘box’ style products like Roku 1, 2 and 3. 

If you did buy this product and are experiencing streaming issues with it, it seems like Roku Customer Service is offering extension cables free of charge which could help: http://forums.roku.com/viewtopic.php?p=436679&sid=f2d9c470c7465b0055f8270593f617a5#p436726

Thought we’d pass this news along in case anyone here could benefit. 

I use the tablo channel on a roku 3 (not using a streaming stick) and am experiencing pretty severe buffering and loading issues. Anything I can do to help with these issues? Watching on ipad usually works just fine so I don’t understand why the roku has so much trouble.

Is your Roku buried in a cabinet or far from your router? Have you checked how busy your wi-fi channel is?

I am also using a roku 3.  Is yours wireless or wired?  If it is wireless, I would highly recommend ethernet powerline adaptors.  They solved all of my buffering issues.

The roku indeed is downstairs from the router and is wireless. Thanks guys I will try your suggestions!

I concur, I had lots of buffering issues when both my Roku3 and Tablo were on WiFi but after hardwiring them both the Tablo app on the Roku loads content extremely quickly and never buffers.

I use a Roku 3 and Tablo, both on wifi and do not see these issues. I wonder if it has to do with the Routers used or the inteference from other wifi networks 

Oh, one more thing, maybe you are streaming 1080p whereas I am streaming 720p??

I tried using Tablo with the Roku Streaming Stick and had terrible lag issues. Would play for a couple seconds, then flip back to a loading screen for 10-20 seconds, then play for another few seconds. No buffering issues when using the Roku 3.

Just wanted to let you guys know we ordered the free ROKU extension cable.  Honestly, it made the issues WORSE.  Honestly, my son uses the stick upstairs with tablo and router downstairs and he isn’t have many issues at all.

I haven't seen an updates for a while here, but my roku stick buffers all the time with live TV or recordings.

Also i'm not buying the antena stuff. Netflix, Amazon and sling work great on the stick without any buffering issues.

Any idea why i have so much buffering?


What is your recording quality set to on the Tablo? Bitrate may be higher than Netflix, etc.

I have several Roku sticks, a Ruku 4, and a Roku 3. No problems steaming with the Roku 3 and 4, but all the Roku sticks have buffering issues. If the Roku stick is having buffering issues because of its wifi antenna, then why are there no issues streaming Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Plex, YouTube, and Sling TV? It seems to me it would have to do more with the way Tablo buffers if there is no issue with any of the other streaming services. 1080p only takes about 4-8 Mb/s which is not much by today’s standards. The issue still exist even at 720p which uses even less bandwidth.

Tablo is quite different than these services that will reduce the quality of the stream if it encounters throughput problems.

We record or stream at a set bandwidth and our 1080 is actually between 8-10 Mbps:

OK. I installed the Tablo channel on PLEX. Turned on the TV with the Roku stick. I go to the Tablo app and constant buffering. I go to the Plex app and use the Tablo channel and no buffering at all. I went back and forth 5 times and each time I used the Tablo app it buffered and each time I used the PLEX app with the Tablo channel there was no buffering. If it was a Roku stick WiFi problem wouldn’t both apps have buffering problems? Also, wouldn’t Hulu and all the other apps that stream at 1080p have issues? Why only the Tablo app?

I’ve also had problems with my Roku 4 buffering. This Roku is hard wired and I’m getting 80Mb/s on speed test. No problems with the Roku 4 using the PLEX app with the Tablo channel.

I would expect that the Plex app is doing some transcoding that Tablo is not in order to keep the Roku happy, but I could be wrong.

I think the Roku is a decent platform, but things Roku has going against it are as follows:

  • Generally lower specification processor. This is not a concern for content that is properly staged in the appropriate “containers” and codecs the Roku “prefers”, but it is there.
  • 10/100 Ethernet connection.
  • proprietary OS.
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Is your Tablo hard wired to your router? Or connected via WiFi?

It is hard wired into the router. Getting about 125Mb/s at the Tablo.

If your hard wired Roku 3 and Roku 4 have no to minimal buffering issues then you know the reason the Stick is experiencing them is the slower WiFi speeds.

Netflix 1080p uses 5 Mbps. Tablo 1080p uses 10 Mbps. Very big difference when it’s a constant stream.

What is the make and model of your router anyway? Maybe a router with better WiFi capabilities could help, I had to upgrade my WiFi router to get prosper streaming on the Tablo.