Has anyone tried the new roku streaming stick?

Got an email from Roku announcing their new Streaming Stick with quad four processor. Has anyone tried it yet?

Don’t think it’s out yet. Pretty sure it ships in May.

Best Buy shows the release date as April 24 here in Canada.

Amazon shows it as being available in US on 20 April.

https://www.roku.com/products/compare shows the new stick and Roku 4 as having a ‘Quad Core Processor’, while current generation Roku 2 and 3 have ‘Fast HD optimized processor’. Quad Core Processor doesn’t mean it’s fast nor powerful, though, nor that it’s as powerful as Roku 4, but only that its architecture uses four cores. It’s a bit like asserting that a vacuum cleaner that draws more power must clean better when actually it might just be inefficient.

I’m looking forward to someone trying it out to see what kind of power it has. It seems from posts on this site like Tablo might be a good test of its prowess.
But who’s going to drop $50 first to report back to the rest of us? :smiley:


We’ll be buying one for the office. Fear not!


I pre-ordered one. Got a confirmation from Roku the other day they just stocked them and are shipping. Expect it any day. I’ll let ya all know how that works out. Better than the current stick I’m sure.

I am curious to hear about the new private listening feature:

But it seems there are some lip-sync issues when using bluetooth headphones:

Thats what I love the most about my Roku 3 - watching Tablo recordings with headphones via the jack on the remote!

Me too…just ordered one and should be here on Wednesday. The thing most attractive to me about the Roku is the consolidation of content be it OTA via Tablo, Plex, Netflix and Amazon. Looking forward…

I received my pre-ordered one yesterday and replaced an original stick with it. Wow, it is significantly faster than the old stick and at least as fast as our Roku tv. I used the private listening mode (wired headphones) and it is a very nice feature. Tablo loaded very quickly and ran without any issue. I think today I’m going to up the resolution to 1080P 10mbps and see how it handles that.

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Update - Received mine Friday. Yeah, significantly FASTER. I would say it’s at least as fast as my R3 if not slightly faster. Definite improvement. My other roku stick was pretty much unusable with Tablo unless I was running it through Plex on the Tablo Channel.

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Thanks guys. Keep the reviews coming.

Just got my new Roku stick yesterday and fired it up no problem. The first time connecting and syncing to the Tablo took a little bit of time, not a lot. LOVE the consolidated content channels. Working with Tablo VERY WELL. I had to retry to play a program once (but I consider that a hard drive problem that has been identified with Tablo support). Stick is SLICK AS SNOT thus far. Chromecast still has a special place in my heart, but the Roku experience is superior I must say. After the first program played through Tablo/Roku Stick…things were quite snappy and the image was excellent. I am recording at 720p @ 5mb because my Pioneer plasma is only 720p anyways. I am a happy camper at this point and will probably splurge on the Roku 4 when I replace my downstairs TV late this year.

Have to confirm @Zman_Tablo’s assertion that the 2016 Roku Stick is ‘slick as snot’ (which btw, made us chuckle out loud).

Definitely the fastest of all streaming stick type objects we’ve seen thus far.

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Cool. Amazon is delivering my new one today. Will post my experience next week.


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Quick set up Friday night and used all weekend. Worked as well as or better than my Roku 3. Would recommend.