Hard Drive Upgrades

I’m pretty new to Tablo, and I think I finally have things under control with my installation… It just occurred to me that I might someday run out of disk space, and I might want to install a larger hard drive. (I’m nowhere near that now, I have a 2 TB drive that’s only about 5% used.) But if I ever do decide to upgrade, is there any mechanism for transferring my recorded shows from one drive to another? Even as a standalone, overnight, offline activity this might be important to me after I’ve collected a year or two of programming. Any thoughts or opinions on this? Thanks!

Check this thread out

Thanks @Jestep, that is exactly the information I was looking for… Good to know that they’re considering a dedicated utility to help with that transition in the future, but also good to know it can be done with a bit of technical digging as well.

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