Hard Drive Speeds

I have the Quad Tablo and I’m using an external enclosure with a 4 TB hard drive and I need to purchase a new one so I’m asking anyone if it’s better to have a Sata (not SSD) 5400 or 7200 rpm and I’m aware the 7200 Sata only comes in 2 TB max?

I have a 5400RPM drive (external HD), and it handles up to 4 recordings at one time without any issues.

Transfer rate will still be limited to USB 2.0 speed. It’s basically irrelevant, although some users claim to notice a difference.

There are no speed or performance benefits from USB 3.0 and solid state drives (SSD) vs. USB 2.0 and spinning drives.

Even though it doesn’t address rotational speed, it seems to imply - it doesn’t matter.

Thanks for providing useful information about this. It’s really helpful for me.