Hard drive runs continuously

My WD Elements 2TB hard drive runs continuously, even when I exit the application from the settings screen. Is this normal? Is there an easier way to exit the Tablo app without going to the settings screen?

If you were watching live tv, the Tablo will still be capturing that channel for a while (maybe an hour) after you exit the app.

Which app are you using? Here is how I close my apps.
PC/web - close that browser tab
Phone app - close the app
Roku - Hit the Home button, just like leaving other Roku apps.

I’m using a Samsung Q70R smart TV on which I’ve downloaded the Tablo app. I can switch apps from the home screen (for instance, from Tablo to Internet) but I’m not sure if this means the Tablo app quits when I do that, of if this would be a problem. I can exit the Tablo app completely from the settings menu, but this means I have to reconnect when I re-select it.

Just switch from the Home screen. It really doesn’t matter if the app quits or not. The actual Tablo unit doesn’t care. Don’t forget, there could be six different apps on six different TVs or streamer boxes all connected at the same time.

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I have a Samsung smart tv. I don’t use the Tablo app on it much, but it does appear that turning the TV off or switching to another app stops the Tablo.

A table device does “stuff” regardless of human interaction.

Update: hard drive eventually stopped on its own. I don’t know how long it ran, but apparently there’s a built-in shut-off function.