Hard drive reformat question

Whenever I receive the next firmware update for my Tablo I plan to reset the unit to Factory settings and go thru the startup procedure again.

Question: as part of that procedure will I be given the option to reformat the drive or will the Tablo recognize it already has proper formatting and start recording even though there are existing recordings on the drive, possibly corrupting the FAT?

I want to know if I would have to go thru the steps of hooking up the USB drive to my PC to remove existing partition and create a NTFS partition before the Tablo will offer to format the drive and start again “fresh” before writing to the disk?

Thanks for responses.

My understanding to re-claim the currently used space you have to format it on a computer before having the Tablo initialize it as new.

My first Tablo had issues, so it was replaced. When I used the same hard drive, it did not ask to reformat. However, the space that was used by the first Tablo was still there, inaccessible by the second Tablo. Luckily, I had only about 100 MB used, so it wasn’t a big deal.

So if you want your disk to be new, just format it using a PC like @theuser86 is saying.

Note to Tablo Tech Support: Please include an elective USB drive reformat option in any new firmware that shows up during a Factory reset. Thanks!