Hard Drive Problems?

I just purchased the Tablo Quad WiFi. It keeps saying unable to connect the next time I use it. I have to plug it in direct to the router to get it to re connect. All my devices do not get disconnected from my wifi. Streaming services on my smart tv’s continue to work that are connected to wifi. I have a SATA hard drive, Toshiba 1 TB. I notice the light on the hard drive is on when Im all connected and Tablo watching tv. But when connection is lost the light is off. Again, when I turn off my tv, not the tablo, and go to watch later I have to go get it all.connected again. All settings stay and the recording I have stays. Could a.hard drive cause this issue? What hard drive is everyone else using? Any ideas what could be causing this? Thank you in advance.

What kind of smart TV do you have? Also try accessing via the web interface (my.tablotv.com), see if you have the same troubles.

As a test you can temporarily disconnect the hard drive and see if you still have the connection issue with your TV - that may help determine if the hard drive is the cause.

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I hardwired mine. I used the 5Tb drive they recommend and no problems so far.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I will try these.

Ive done everything. Support told me to download a wifi troubleshooting app and that app was useless and not very good reviews. I give up.

Have you tried to leave it hardwired and use it a few days to see if the same issues happen? That is probbaly the next thing to try. I hardwire everything I can as wifi is so unpredictable.

If the same issues leaving it hardwired, I would say it is the HD. Was that brand new when you added it, as I added an old HD I had in a drawer once and had some problems. I replaced it with what I posted above for $100 and been fine. Use one of the ones they recommend to use.

I moved the Tablo to my Panasonic non smart TV. I have a Fire stick. Everything works great. Shows in my fire stick menu. Records, connects, get channels and all good. EXCEPT, now it won’t connect to the app. on my phone. Error message says “a connection to your Tablo could not be established.” Ive done reset etc. It doesn’t show up in my device list of devices connected to wifi. So i guess the only thing I cant do is watch on my phone or set a recording remotley. I can live with that I guess.

Are you sure your phone is connecting to your main Wifi network? And not to a guest network?