Hard drive problem

Went to watch TV recording & got an error that said, “Error: No hard drive connected”. Looked at at connection, which was fine, dis/connected & reset Tablo with the same results. Never had a problem before at all like this. Went to my Mac browser and it said, “Your hard drive must be formatted before Tablo can use it for recordings”. What is going on? After a search on the forums I dis/connected the power to the HD still no luck. What could this be?

If you haven’t already try connecting to the other USB port, and try a different USB cable, just to rule out the easy stuff.

@ToddExyz Sounds like there could be something going on with the disk. Our support team should be able to check it out.

Yeah, did that - no luck. Thanks. Anything else?

If you have an extra usb drive try attaching it temporarily. If Tablo recognizes that drive then it may mean your other drive is having issues.