Hard Drive not detected on and off

So I’ve been having issues off and on for a few days now. I have a hard drive connected to the Tablo, which worked fine for over a year now. All of a sudden the Tablo keeps telling me that the hard drive is not detected/not connected, but it’s a lie.

Open the Android app, look at Tablo status, it’s green.
Hit play on a particular movie (doesn’t matter, Android or Roku), get the message of no hard drive detected.
Hit ok (or back or whatever), hit play again, get the same no HD message.
Open the Android app, look at Tablo status, it’s now red.
Hit ok (or back or whatever), hit play again, and the video starts playing.
Open the Android app, look at Tablo status, it’s now back to green.

It’s pretty repeatable. I didn’t restart the Tablo or re-connect the HD or do anything else with it.

Is it something wrong with the Tablo? Or is my HD dying again (this would be 2nd one in 4 years, wtf?)?

Seems like I’m alone, so I submitted a ticket to support @TabloSupport

Probably your best bet @Max… They’ll be able to review your logs and check on your disk.

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Tablo replied, hard drive is dying. I guess it’s good that it was caught now, instead of when it’s fully dead and my shows aren’t recoverable.

Anyone else having hard drives last only ~2 years a pop? Any recommendations for a good HD? (I took one off the “working” list both times. Once a seagate, 2nd time a Western Digital)

In setting, suddenly I had a message telling my drive was temporarily unavailable? Yet I could still access recordings and shows recorded. How can I review my own logs? Disk checks out ok and suddenly works great again. (Android app seems to act up, but haven’t confirmed if it’s just a coincidence)


If you’ve just rebooted your Tablo, it can take a minute or two for the drive to mount again and for the Tablo to recognize it.

Hard drive temporarily unavailable.

When I get that message, I can still view recordings. Scheduled recordings are saved to disk, just capacity isn’t available… temporarily - allegedly. Drive checks test error free. I would just like to see what my tablotv logs are saying.

We would too.

Can you place a note with support making sure to reference this thread? www.tablotv.com/ask-tablo

New HD fixed the problem, thanks Tablo team.

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My drive was still accessible, I copied my shows, cleared the drive - factory reset the tablotv and after a week things seem to be working trouble free again.

First I did try a second drive with same results yet both tested error free. I truly hope your third drive last the the years they should!!

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