Hard Drive Not Connected since the .18 update

Almost daily my hard drive will show “not connect”, and nothing will stream from the Tablo unless I reboot it, and unplug and re-plug in the hard drive. It happened immediately after the latest .18 update. When it is working, it is definitely working faster, but we are missing recordings because of it.

What is the brand and model of your HDD?

@joshuam We’ve been doing some testing in the office lately to reproduce this, and we’ve seen it crop up. We’re doing some testing over the weekend to see if it’s reproducible, and then we’ll try patching with a proposed fix. If this continues, send me a note and we can take a look at your Tablo’s logs.

@Tablosupport - A number of us are having this issue (and have posted in the forums also). Please see these threads as well :


Let me know if there is anything I can provide that would help troubleshoot the issue.

@joshuam @sjp We’re gathering more data on how/when these disks (and which specific model of the disk) disconnects. 

If you’re still seeing this - send me a note with this thread quoted, and we can arrange for a remote session to grab the logs from your Tablo. 

@tablosupport - Done :slight_smile:

Sent. It happened again today. Missed some recorded Christmas programs

Checked this morning and all was normal and functioning properly. Will check again when I get home from work tonight.

@tablosupport - So far, no repeat occurence of the issue :slight_smile:



Did TabloSuppoer remote into your Tablo and make any changes?

I did indeed! We’re still testing the patch but this is encouraging news. Keep us posted, @sjp

@tablosupport - I’m working at home all day today, so if you need to pull logs or anything, just let me know.

@Tablosupport - Working fine again this morning, no issues with the hard drive disconnect.

@Tablosupport - Still working without any repeat of the issues with the hard drive disconnect. If you want to re-pull logs, just let me know, but whatever you did appears to have fixed it :slight_smile:

It sure must be nice to not have to reconnect the hard drive every day…

@sjp Very happy to hear that things seem to be smoother - you’ve been a huge help. Thanks for the updates.

@kevrx I’m happy to take a look at your Tablo and make the same changes for you. Can you send me a note? We’ll get you fixed up.

@tablosupport Hate to burst the bubble…came home tonight to “No Hard Drive” - Not touching it so you can pull logs if you need to.

And again this morning.

@sjp We’ve narrowed it down to a specific model of the Elements drive running a very specific version of firmware. We’re still investigating why it seems to react poorly with the Tablo. We hope to have a permanent fix by our next release. Thanks for your patience, folks.

@TabloSupport  I can send a new note if you need more examples to research the issue.  Alternatively, this is a recurrence (or continuance) of my previous support ticket # 1748 from 9/9/14.  The ticket was closed while I was away on vacation, and not actually successfully resolved,  but I never bothered to followup.