Hard Drive is full - is there an easy way to clean off HD and start over?

Hi - my hard drive is full and I wanted to know if there is an easy way to clean off the hard drive and start over - reseting Tablo did not work and I hate the thought of having to delete each show series and movie as I have quite a bit of each. Thanks for your help, Jan

PS. I have so many shows as I have had a lot of problems getting an antenna to work - at the moment, I at not able to get 4 of the 28 stations that I should be able to get - all with in 23 miles and this set of stations is on the same tower as another set that I am able to get. I have my antenna in my attic but still not getting all I think I should get - any advice. Oh, I am using the Clearstream 2V and if I remember correctly, the company said that the 4V would not get me any more stations since the station set I am trying to get is less then 25 miles away.

3rd party tools. SurLaTablo and I believe Tablo Ripper both have ways of doing bulk deletes.

For SurLaTablo, just use the -c option and DeleteX pseudo-transcoder.

For example to delete everything:

surlatablo.py -q . -c DeleteX

to delete all Sports:

surlatablo.py -q meta_type~=Sports -c DeleteX

to delete Season 3 of Get Smart:

surlatablo.py -q 'Get Smart - s03e' -c DeleteX

You can preview what it will find by leaving off the -c DeleteX, but might read easier if you add something like -Q '${friendly_title}'. Take that last example, this will show all matches without doing anything.

surlatablo.py -q 'Get Smart - s03e' -Q '${friendly_title}'

If you haven’t guessed the psuedo transcoder Delete will delete, but only if you respond Y to each match.

I am in favor of a more intense procedure and you might want a computer nerd to assist.

First, disconnect USB drive from TABLO and reset TABLO to factory settings, letting it completely finish the initialization and downloading of the Guide. If you are not running the latest firmware then download it now and repeat the factory setup.

Next, connect the USB drive to a PC and delete any partions on the USB. Make certain you do this on the USB drive only; you would not want to hose your primary work drive or any others.

Finally, connect the USB drive to the TABLO and let it format it fresh. You should be good to go at that point.

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I forgot to add use Disk Manager on the PC to delete the USB drive partitions.

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