Hard drive and poor recording quality

A week ago, I purchased the Tablo Dual, and it worked great. I had a 2TB Toshiba external hard drive. I decided that I may want to record more than 2 tv programs at one time, so, I returned it, and purchased the Tablo Quad. I also purchased WD Blue 2.5 inch Sata 1 TB hard drive. I have my Tablo hooked up to my router via Wi-Fi. I recorded a show last night, and during play back, it seemed jumpy, like a bad signal. I was not having this issue with the Dual. I could very easy hook it up via the Ethernet cable, if that may solve the issue. Or, I could go back to my external Toshiba 2TB drive, but I would rather have the internal WD Blue. All of our programming with my attic mounted antenna has good reception. Looking forward to hearing some solutions. Thank you.

Is the quad in a well ventilated area? Maybe it or the internal drive is overheating.

To help narrow things down try watching live TV without any hard drive, see if the playback is smooth. Then power off the Tablo, reattach or put back in the hard drive and try to watch live TV. If you get some jumpiness then it could point to a hard drive problem, or possibly a heating problem as pointed out by theuser86. But if a heating issue you might expect it to work just fine for the first 5 or 10 minutes after being off for a while.

This is a brand new Hard Drive, right out of the box. My Tablo is sitting on my desk, and nothing around it, so, it is ventilated. There is a little bit of heat from the Tablo, but what I do not think is too much. I will give it another chance, and record another show, to see f I have the same problem Thanks for your suggestions.

Check to see if the HD has a firmware update available. Your HD could be bad out of the box…

Or temporarily test with another HD.

Definitely worth checking to see if this behaviour is present on all channels/recordings. If the video itself is not pixelated/damaged, it could be a buffering issue - which an Ethernet cable would likely solve. Don’t hesitate to send us a ticket if you’d like our team to take a look.

thank you for getting back to me. At this point, I think it may have just been one channel (NBC). I will continue to monitor.