Happy anniversary to me!

Wow, time flies. I actually purchased my 1st Tablo on June 25, 2014.


and you got some of the real fancy badges along the way…

~ https://community.tablotv.com/u/cjcox/badge

…why emphasize actually purchased? It wasn’t a virtual purchase? Of course this wasn’t an imaginary purchase. Just clarifying it’s wasn’t an uncertain purchase? :poop:

There’s just a gap from when you purchase vs joining the forum usually. Somebody here might be a long time Tablo owner, but maybe only have been on the forums for a year (for example).

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My anniversary is today, too. :slight_smile:
Purchased 1st Tablo March 18, 2015.

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The anniversary date for this forum is weird. I received my first anniversary badge in April 2015. But the 2nd (and subsequent) anniversary badges were all in July.

I think that the Tablo folks changed forums sometime between April 2015 and July 2015, and that is why so many of us are getting anniversary badges today.

Likely. Just in my case, it was sort of near my purchase.

Well, my invoice ship date is 6/14/14, but I am not sure when it got here. Only problem has been one power supply replacement. Still running hot, straight and normal. With the same Seagate 2 tb portable drive. I did cheat and put it atop a laptop cooler.

Mine is the 2-tuner original. Still rockin the same 1TB 5400rpm 1TB Hitachi Touro (back when Hitachi meant “good”). 1TB drive velcro’d to the top. Warm, but ok.

Or vice versa? Some join the forum to ask questions before purchase as well?

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We did indeed.

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