Happy 5-year anniversary, Tablo!


It’s amazing that it has been 5 years since the first main batch of Tablos were shipped. :smiley:

What a year! The Tablo Quad is a big hit, commercial skip has been tested for a few months and will be out this year, and numerous other improvement and tweaks have been released.

My original 2-tuner Tablo is probably the oldest piece of technology in my home (not counting my plasma TV, which is a year or two older), and it is still going strong. I have never regretted purchasing this product, and I love this user base and support team. It’s a terrific community, and I have learned a ton about antennas and cord cutting.

Just keep it going, Nuvyyo! The competition has you all on the radar, but I think it will help us all.


(Just had to break this classic meme out!)


Thanks everyone!