Happy 4-year anniversary, Tablo!

I am about a week early this year, but I will be on vacation next week, so I wanted to get this out there. :slight_smile:

Wow, 4 years. :smiley: Some companies put out a product, support it for a year or two, and then you never hear from them again. It really make me appreciate all the hard work the developers have put in making the Tablo as good a DVR as possible for as many platforms as possible.

Accomplishments this past year (that I can remember):

  1. Tablo Dual (with 64 GB storage) released
  2. Tablo DVR Engine released
  3. Tablo Dual Lite announced
  4. Tablo Cloud announced
  5. Long awaited changes to the firmware to allow limited number of recordings and adjustable start/end times.
  6. Updated apps

Every year, there are new Rokus, AppleTvs, FireTvs, and AndroidTVs, as well as new firmware on older devices. Mobile operating systems keep getting upgraded as well. The Tablo folks have to do so much to support so many devices, as well as find time to add new features and plan for the future.

I just want to express my appreciation for all the folks that work for Nuvyyo and especially those that post here to help us out. I also really appreciate what a terrific user community we have that helps out both new users and those that have been here for a while.

Happy 4 years, and maybe you all can do something special for year 5.


Definitely a good 4 years, reliable recordings and saved a ton of money - looking forward to the new products!

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TABLO CON 2019!!!

(Yes? No?.. Mostly just kidding, but it would be fun.)

Thanks for the kind words @snowcat

We have THE BEST fans, and such an awesome community.

We’re so thankful for your continued support.

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Many thanks from a “newbie” as well. Moved to Tablo in 2016 and haven’t looked back. It provides everything I NEED and most of what I want so no real complaints here.

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I was an early adopter, pre-ordered the 4 tuner before it was release. And living in Ottawa means I was probably one of the first people get one. It’s been a great 4 years, looking forward to many more.

I’m not usually an earlier adopter of technology, but when I started research DVRs for OTA, Tablo was the only solution that met my needs.

Looking back at the the early Roku app, the UI has come a long way. Glad to see more updates coming out on a regular basis. Now I would definitely call the Tablo a mature product, and I always suggest it when someone asks me for recommendations on cutting the cord.