Happy 3-year anniversary, Tablo!

Another year has gone by, and the Tablo is still going strong. :birthday:

This past year saw the release of the AppleTv app and better stability on all the other apps.

In these next 12 months, we will see the new Tablo hardware introduced not long ago and the Tablo cloud. I also believe many of us are hoping for some long awaited features to be added (like “keep x episodes” and “adjust start/stop times”) as well more complete functionality for the Roku and AppleTv apps…

The Tablo has definitely become a significant factor in the OTA DVR market in these three years, though they face more competition each year. I am a happy and satisfied Tablo customer for these three years, and I hope the Tablo continues to improve for many more years.


Ditto ^^

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It’s been a very very very useful tool.

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Keep up a good stable device & Thank you!

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Thanks everyone for your support over the last three years!

Looking forward to many more exciting things over the next three 3+ years!


A Thousand times ditto. A little rough here and there at the leading edge, but such a smart implementation. Has transformed our entertainment and information lives (aided hugely by Tablo Ripper).

Thank you, merci mille fois!


Third anniversary on the same day as Doris Day’s 95th birthday. May you last as long and be as sweet…:heart_eyes: