Had to reinstall Tablo app and now will not set up on my phone

After days of troubleshooting and talking to different support reps one had me delete my iPhone app and reinstall reconnect to the table. I’d replaced the SATA drive of my Quad Tablo and the new one also stopped working after a day so went through the resets and deleted the app again and now the app will not find the Tablo again not with ethernet or Wifi. Oddly though the Tablo live tv is working on all my other TV apps but still not recognizing the new drive. Support said they’d get back to me today but didn’t. Do you think a factory reset might work or make things even worse?

What model number is your hard drive?

I noticed with my setup… My external hard drive that had its own power supply, versus a using power from the USB, worked better.

Interesting, mines a 1T SATA WD internal.
it gets so hot I think the external route might be a good idea. What is the one you’re using?

Oh, I’m using the Gen4 Tablo… but I had an old (5 years old) SATA WD Black 3.5 4TB drive sitting in my closet of junk (I.T. dude by trade) I ordered a cheap Amazon USB adapter for it. It has it’s own power supply. It has worked. No issues.

I did have an older (5-year-old) external WD 500GB Element when I started with my Tablo. It would read and not read. Recordings would be messed up. You could chalk it up to a bad hard drive.

With all the complaints I’ve seen, I wonder if it’s a power consumption issue. Maybe the HDD is pulling too much power.