Had Tablo app on Samsung with Direct Tv but not google fiber

I was in the process of cutting the cable cord. I bought a new Samsung TV and before going to Google Fiber I set up an antenna and a 4 channel Tablo box. While having cable I added Tablo App to the TV and could use it. Now today I removed Direct TV and set up Google Fiber and now I can not search and find the Tablo app. i saw people asking about this back in 2019, has it not been added to Samsung yet??

The internet service you are using shouldn’t directly impact your ability to use the Tablo app directly on your TV if it was working previously.

Having said that, did your network configuration changed when you moved from cable to Google Fiber, as in are the Tablo and TV no longer visible to each other on your network maybe?

No doubt your public ip address changed when you changed ISPs. My guess is that the Tablo app uses your public ip address to look up the private ip address of the Tablo DVR. (Can any anyone confirm that?)

Browse to My Status - Tablo TV and see if your DVR has checked in from your new public ip address. If not, try rebooting the DVR.